Mod question, are there servers out there running this MOD?

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Mod question, are there servers out there running this MOD?

Postby jorisj » 1 year ago

Hey guys,

long time no see, I hope that KLM is doing okay.
I just downloaded MOHAAS a while ago, just to see how the community is doing.
I was wondering if there are servers out there running my Bridge / Multiplayer tank battle mod, which I posted here like 4 years ago.
My goal back then was to completely change the way you were supposed to play "The Bridge" in objective mode, because standard objective mode was kind of boring in my opinion.
Every year I checked my video to see if the download link is still up and it is. Also the mod video got quite some views (I have like 0 subscribers on my youtube channel :nav_kiss: ).

The bridge overhaul

Tank system demo

The first vid is a demonstration of the mod when I decided to release it. Does anyone recognize it?
The second vid is a demonstration of the tank battle system (how to spawn a tank). I remember that it worked very well, but I've never been able to play this with more than 3 people. The fun part was that this mod was made to be completely server side (no mods needed for the client, just Spearhead).

Let me know if you've seen this or would like to see this (I've attached the mod to this post).
Also, when I was creating this mod, I was experimenting with AI tanks in Omaha beach, and I was also trying to overhaul that map (because stock is boring :tongue: ), so if you decide to install this yourself, don't be alarmed when weird shit happens in that map (i.e. artillery strikes and carrying server side custom guns) :whistle:

Let's play sometime!
I'll check the forums every now and then. Cya!

Kind regards
Gytrui (jorisj)
Gytruis tank mod.rar
The bridge overhaul
(181.49 KiB) Downloaded 268 times
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Re: Mod question, are there servers out there running this MOD?

Postby MikasaAckermann » 1 year ago

I'd love to play it :D <3
ɔ̽̕̕ɥ̾̑̒ɐ̛̉̈́l͌̎̐l͛̆̀ǝ̛́́ȕ͗̑ƃ̓̈̑ǝ̀̉͌ ̿̃̓ɐ̆̔̚ɔ̐̉͐ɔ̍̒̕ǝ̾̌̉d̋͛̊ʇ̿́͝ǝ̾͐̾p͆̍͠ Image

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