I need your help guys!!

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I need your help guys!!

Postby Jason Bourne » 7 years ago

Hello guys!!
I'm using a website where you can earn points to order prizes, I need your help because when 30 people join the website by your link, you can reach 4 points for days rather than 2 points, in this way you can reach a good amouts of points quickly!
You can join by this link: http://gokano.com/ref/f1ZaNiOq
I don't remember which data are required, if they need your personal data it's because they'll send the prize to your house, so if you want help me but you don't want to use this site you can use fake data, the important thing is that you join the website and confirm the email!
Now I'll explain you how it works.
Until there are less than 30 people that have joined this website by your link, you can earn 2 points for day:
1) by clicking on "collect daily point"
2) by clicking on "complete mission" and choosing one option.
this need just a few seconds for day.
You can see prizes here: http://gokano.com/prizes
This is a new website, they added a lot of prizes last month(for example all the amazon gift cards..) and they'll add other prizes in next months.
They have a restock once a month, in this day you'll be able to order prizes.
You can see that this is a trusted site with a lot of payments proof: https://www.facebook.com/Gokanocom/?fref=ts
Thanks to Dodgy that allowed me to open this topic and thanks to everyone will help me, nevermind if you don't want!
I'm here for any questions :biggrin2:
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