Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn

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Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn

Postby *Red-Bull-NL* » 2 years ago

Hi there! Here i'm, back! I was away for a long time, i dont know why... But i have a new idea! Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn (2020). This idea is based on a list on On WiKi they a list with 48 missions out of the World War II (ww2). I will re-create all the 48 missions into Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn (2020). This game is a coppied game of Medal Of Honor - Spearhead (sh), but no sh anymore! I will re-organize the old sh .pk3 files to my version. But there is more, a brand new theme (Game Design). But i need some help... Is there anyone they will help me with this Project? I looking Specific for Builders, Photoshoppers & Scripters. I will sent you the Tool & Programs you needed. Thnx, Red-Bull-NL-
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Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn 2020 LOGO/ICON
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Re: Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn

Postby Rinus » 2 years ago

I think you only play solo :whistle:

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Re: Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn

Postby Biggles » 2 years ago

No Rinus! There are still about 100 players :roll: worldwide active at 3 - 6 servers. Yesterday I played with old mate Milliway.

Reborn always start small. Sorry but I'm technical enough to help you. I sure want to join as a test player :lol:

Wish You good luck Robbie!

Keep us informed

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Re: Medal Of Honor - Full Reborn

Postby Kpt.Milliways » 2 years ago


Bull this sounds nice - great idea and lots of work ahead, but I think the builders, the photoshop people - the graphic and web design does not appear / show up anymore as I think of KLM'ers or 2A people. I am just a gamer not a mod der etc. pp.

As Biggles has indicated - the game is not dead - yet; there are some people out there I think they could help you - but you will need good communication skills and I cannot know what people are apt or willing to do then and though.
So, this should be more than a project imo.

If you like me to give you proposals who to contact; please write, then.

:yes: :o ;)

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