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Re: News

Postby MikasaAckermann » 3 years ago

Omg Karamasov!!! I'm sorry I've just read this!!!!
What are you talking about girl!! don't be sorry:: what are you sorry for please!!!
Your health is more important!!! please take care well of yourself!
You have the power inside you! you will beat it!!
<3 <3 <3
ɔ̽̕̕ɥ̾̑̒ɐ̛̉̈́l͌̎̐l͛̆̀ǝ̛́́ȕ͗̑ƃ̓̈̑ǝ̀̉͌ ̿̃̓ɐ̆̔̚ɔ̐̉͐ɔ̍̒̕ǝ̾̌̉d̋͛̊ʇ̿́͝ǝ̾͐̾p͆̍͠ Image
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Re: News

Postby Henri IV » 3 years ago

hooooooo ma poule ,quelle triste nouvelle,mais tu vas te battre et tu vas t'en sortir,prend bien soin de toi , tu es une battante ,je l'ai ressentis a travers ta facon de jouer, alors prend le taureau par les cornes ma poule et ne te laisse pas aller,nous sommes derriere toi pour ton combas,par la pensée ,mais nous sommes la ,
a bientot ma poule :wink2:
=K(L)M=Henri IV|Gen
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Re: News

Postby Taver_BE » 3 years ago

Hey clairanne,
I wish you the best with you're fight.
We know it isn 't easy. I hope you' ll be better soon
A piece of advice, look up at Gerard, (boogeyman) the way he lives is an example. Alvast seeing the good things in life.
So pick up that mauser and killer the bugs :nav_yes:

Respect for you both, (and all family)
Power ain't nothing without control
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Re: News

Postby Leopard » 3 years ago

I'm so sorry to read this, but dont worry, u dont need to apologize, your health is more important than all others things, u are young and strong, u will win, we're all with you

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