I was wondering...

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Franz Josef
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I was wondering...

Postby Franz Josef » 5 years ago

I heard someone say the KLM/2A server is getting anti cheat in the future.
Is this true? And if so, when can we expect that? I invited some friends to play
Mohaa on your Servers, but they don't want to play this game anymore, cause they think
like 50% of the players are cheating. I don't know if there are really that much
cheaters, but i feel since the servers melted there are more of them. I just think
anti cheat would be a great thing to get rid of all those people who can't play the
game without cheats, without having to accuse someone anymore. :smile2:

Cheers, Santo
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Re: I was wondering...

Postby Dodgy » 5 years ago

Well, we will force the mohaas tool on people we find suspicious, so they won't be able to play without the tool anymore. This allows us to quickly check them for cheats and take the required actions. I can guarantee our server is very clean these days. Of course an occasional cheater will pop up. Just report him to us here if that's the case. We shall look into it.

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