Freeze with mohaa tool

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Freeze with mohaa tool

Postby Karamasov » 5 years ago


I have download mohaa tool, and i have installed it . But i play i have a lot of freeze ! This problem is appli ?
Because i have old pc and old graphics board, and it have a problem for has to manage several thing at the same time.
When there is a lot of playeurs, i have little lag, but it's not all the same. I move normally and then all at once.
I going to find myself in a wall or then my screen congeals. What is really annoying to play..
What is what you can recommend me?
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Re: Freeze with mohaa tool

Postby Henri IV » 5 years ago

post here :

i have copy your post here to ,it s more easy for him to answed about your probleme

=K(L)M=Henri IV|Gen

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