Introduce myself...and few more words.

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Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby teddy » 5 years ago

hello everyone,

I have to write a little bit. Firstly, to be honest, I want to introduce myself. My nickname is teddy, and real name Mark. I come from Poland and live in a city called Gdansk. I am 25 years old. I've got the amazing fiance, and the job which I've got pleasure from. My hobby are movies and sport, specially football. I am really interested in English Premier League. There is one club that I am fan but i won't mention :)

The first time when I played mohaa was in 2004 (maybe 2005, i don't really remember). In the beginning, I had been playing OBJective mode, and joined one of the obj Polish clan. But in the time, there were more cheaters there, so i stopped playing MoHAA. Few months later, my friend told me that there is a new typ of game - rifle only. So, from 2006-2007 I began to play that. In the beginning of existence of 'RIFLE ONLY POLISH MOHAA SCENE' were only one server, belonged to clan BG ( ). Next, I appeared other servers and more and more rifle only clans. I joined one called VPGS ( not existed, no page www). The scene was working good. There were a lot of clans there. We were playing a lot of wars etc. When VPGS stopped being existed, i joined and played there until 2011. Then, i made a 3 years break from playing MoHAA. I came back on July 2014. I joined one clan K98# and i am still there ( But it's not the same like was in 2006-2011. There are few clans, no wars, and no public servers! So i began to find a solution to play mohaa again. I bought an 'ANNIVERSARY VERSION' and I installed MoHAA Spearhead. At once i checked multiplayer servers and noticed that are two good servers rifle only - 'vetus' and yours. I began to play on your server. In the beginning was not so good. Your server is more dynamic that typical MOH server, but in the time I liked it.
I met a lot of good people here. I noticed that many Poles plays here, and it's friendly server. But what us good, ends quick.

A few people began to accuse me of using cheats. I know that it's problematic that one person sometimes has more kills than another. And here the answer why I wrote so much above. I want to say that i am no from nowhere. I gave you links because I often visit your forum and I know that you have got Pole here (Arczi) who could translate and can confirm that I say true. You would say that guilty explains himself, but what I can do? I only want to play calmly on your server and gain pleasure to confront another players. I like playing with better than me - BLADE, Shoryuken and more...

I won't put a post here, but from couple of weeks it began to kick me from server. Today, I got kicked from, I suppose cpt. Millways, because he only one was in KLM tag. I also suppose, that there were a lot incognito admins. And i agree with that - it should be few incognito people who check another players.

I camp sometimes, but more often i run on whole map. I like this style. In Poland, we play only 2 maps rifle only - stalingrad and algiers. So i really know good that maps and I've got really good headphones, so I can't hear people from some distance. But really I have to explain myself form using headphones??
Today one person poked me that I didn't see him but i shot him - and told to me: "seriously, i have to cheat!!!" - or smth like that. The next step was to kick me from the server. But I joined again and calmly spoke with this person and told him that - 'yes i didn't see you, but it was a probability that you should have been here because there were a spawn near, so I began to shoot blind' - and in my luck I shot correct. I am not afraid to confront on 1vs1 or 1vsX - I mean that i like be there, where is a lot of players - and often i win this confrontation - where do you see here using cheats? I don't want to explain and explain. Really, I know that you professionalists, so why do you accuse me of using that?

In the attachment I added some screenshots made by me at the end of the map. I chose these, when there is shown a person. I had to gain screenshot earlier to prove all of you that i am clear. It's only form the end of the map, the time I will try to take screenshots all the time I play.
One ss contains what Man of steel does allthe time.

So, i am at the end. What I wanted to write this post?
*I want to calmly play on your server.
*I don't want to kick me burning me etc.

If you really don't believe me I will record a movie but I don't really know how to make that. So I will be grateful, if someone helps me with that. But I hope really that It shouldn't be necessary.

I don't really know if my English is understandable. I am still learning and try to improve it from day to day. I hope that we reach the solution. Please answer,

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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby Elroy » 5 years ago

Well ,first nice to meet u Mark , and wish u a late happy new year ;)

If i see u play then their are some moments i think that u use wall hack , but everybody has lucky shots and there are a lot of players that just shoot at every corner they pass even if there is nobody and i think u are one of them who does that :p
If im in combat with u and we fight next to a a corner i can see u just shoot next to it and it always looks line a lucky shot if u kill me

I dont think u hack , so i wont kick u , but im always pretty annoyed when u kill me :p
But i cant do anything about the other members , if they think u hack then i can't do anything about it : cuz im to young and new
I will always deffend people who i think is clean and so im doing that now too : for u :)

Good headphones does most of the work , so u expect where someone would be : i can hear that too , but my headphone sucks but i can still hear if it comesfrom the left or right so :/

Just keep playing and enjoy , ill keep deffending u , but only ofcourse if you are really telling the truth , other wise i wouldve been very disappointing

So enjoy our server and cya in the battle
Elroy *
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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby Dodgy » 5 years ago

Hi Mark.

Only generals and up have the ability to screenshot or ban someone. So if a Pvt thinks you aren't clean, they will kick you, as that's their only option. I don't blame them. We don't discuss with cheaters. We dispose of them. And so far we're doing a good job of keeping our server clean.

I don't think you cheat. I've only seen you a few times but still..

But yes I hope others will now too trust you on the battlefield. This post will probably help alot with a few doubts some might have had.

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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby SRK » 5 years ago

Even though I'm a bit afraid I might not be doing you a favour by backing you up, I still wanted to give my 2 cents about any accusations against you, teddy.

On the one hand I can actually understand why at first glance some players might suspect you. Your play style or more so your camping/corner fighting skills really stick out. But in opposite to wallhackers they do so because you really fight well and sit tight around corners and not because you pre-shoot people you couldn't suspect are there like they do. And to see somebody defend corners or attack from sitting around them so well like you do has unfortunately become a very rare skill in these late days of MOHAA. Which might be the reason why people wonder about you. Of course I can only speak for myself but I really enjoy corner fights against you, as they pose a good and utmost FAIR challenge.

(Btw, it's Shoryuken here)
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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby teddy » 5 years ago

Thanks for your support Shoryuken!

I decided to record some videos from my game. I am beginner in making any videos, so the quality of the movie is not so good. From now I will try to record whole my game and if you want I will put it here ( of course not all of my game session - I have not got endless volume of my hard drive and my hardware is not strong enough to carry so much programms in the same time :) ). part 1 part 2
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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby demonking » 5 years ago

I agree with Roy..I have spectated you, seen you play.. You dont seem to cheat :yes: :yes:
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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby Kpt.Milliways » 5 years ago

Dear Teddy,

I thought for some moments you were cheating, but I spectated you for a while the day you were kicked, and it was not me kicking you, just that you know and I think you are playing fair so I let you know any further.

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Re: Introduce myself...and few more words.

Postby ARCZI » 5 years ago

Hello Teddy.
Nice to hear from You on our forum. I've got a chance to play with You several times and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with your way of playing. Some people like me, for example are playing more ofensive way and other prefer to defend. We have no problem with both ways of shooting even if people like to hide, jump, camp, atacking from behind - no problem. We are always keep on saying that campers are good because there are an easy target. I am not saying this because I consider You as a camper. Not at all. In my opinion You are playing clean way and stick to this and everything will be OK.
I wish You good hunting and see You soon on our server and forum.

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