KLM Interview #3 - Femme

KLM interviews by Franzy.
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KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby F.Maurer » 6 years ago

Third part of KLM Interviews. Our interviewee will be Queen...read carefully...and remember...some things here can be only for adults :woohoo:

Just a few info.

Name: Dana
Birthday: not important enought :wink2:
Nationality: Macedonian/German (can´t decide)
Languages: German, Albanian,´bit english and Yugo but just when I´m drunk
Sex (male/female): :eeeek: this question is unnecessary
Occupation: office clerk and nail designer
Battle scream: "SCHEIßE, NEIN" :LMAO:

Warmup !!!!

How long you play mohaa: ~ 04/2013
Favourite weapon: I know just one (its the first one :nerd: )
Favourite skin: Manon Batiste
Favourite gametype: :eeeek: Break...thing
Favourite food: Haribo
Favourite colour: black´n pink
Favourite actor: Christoph Waltz
Favourite movie, type of movie: schizophrenic (like "Identity")
Favourite singer/band, type of music: from all over the world ... I love reggaeton and metal
Favourite book: hm ... I like all Books from John Grisham
Hobbies: at the moment my House :rolleye22:

Complete sentences

"I don't like it when...." ... someone judged me without knowing me
"I like it when..." ... I´m feeling good :angel22:
"I love..." ... Krasta :nav_kiss:
"Someday I want..." ... to be a QueenMami :woohoo:
"I will never..." ... say never


Getting drunk like maurer ? ... Like Franzy? :LMAO: ... Well, fortunately these times are over
Homo ? Sometimes :whistle:
Get laid with Justin Bieber ? WTF
Would you kiss Janna or Tasha if I give you 1mln dollars ? It must be long and wet kiss. Of course I would!! But you must not give me 1mln € for this :wink2:
Jump on Bungee ? Never ever
- Jump with a parachute from an plane ? Hell, nooooo
Swimming with Sharks ? no, but with Dolphin :biggrin2:
Ship expedition ? Yes
Eating shrimps ? yammy, I love it

Choose your destiny !!!

Please, what?? :o I should choose?? :LMAO: I never choose 1 if I can get all :wink2:

Hamburger or HotDog ? - Both
Batman or Superman ? - no one
Movie or Book ? - first read the book and later watch this movie (like The Jury)
Walk with friends or sitting on PC ? - Be together with Family, Friends and my MoH-Dudes
Vodka or Beer - Caipirinha
Heaven or Hell ? - I saw it all. Every site is interesting enough
lesbian or trannie ? - for which purposes?
Club or Sitting in home ? - My house doesn´t allow me to sit around
Snow or Sun ? - During the day sun and snow at night
Dancing or Singing ? - I´m dancing when I´m singing and singing when I´m dancing :LMAO:
Mountains or Sea ? - Sea, Sea, Sea !!!
Party with "Beermonsters" or movie with boy ? - mood dependent

Few other Questions !

Imagine that you are on a deserted island alone...what would you do to survive ? What things will you miss the most ?
Well, nothing. I would enjoy it and then I would just wait for someone to pick me up

Which member in your opinion has the funniest laugh?
Definitely KILLER and DEAR

How often do you watch brasilian series or maybe portugese ? Don't try to fool us...we know you did !
No, but I watched once Alf on Polish-TV

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words "sausage with mayo"
With roasted onions?
Hot Dog! What else

Tell us a funny story you may have experienced.
The underground parking
Long time ago we (my brother, his girlfriend, Krasta and me) saw blair witch (they told me, the movie is real - of course I belive and I was enough scared)
After this we all wanted to go for a drink together … So I went ALONE in the underground parking (to show everyone that I had no fear)
When I arrived the car, I heard a noise - I immediately had to think of the fucking movie!!!!
I turned around and saw a face pressed to the window - BLAIR WITCH!!
I yelled, took a High Heel (my car was full of it) and threw it at him, jumped out of the car, caught me by the belt, slapped to the ground and started crying ... crying loud ... Because I just thought, NOW IT´S OVER, IT WILL EAT ME ... like in any horror movie (someone runs, fellt and the monster eats it - END)
But it was JUST my Brother … They all tried to calm me down then. But too late. I couldn´t stop crying

Do you remember your first meet with KLM members? How was it ? Tell us something about it.
When I wasn´t a member?
Hm … soon it will be a year … (Rommel, Wallas, Hµzber, Never_Land, Shehab)
I remember when I killed Mr_Dead in the battelfield for the first time. Just worte in the chat “heheh I killed the leader” :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
When I saw FranzMaurer, I tried to kill him more then he me :biggrin2:
Techno, I wasn’t never sure if he would greet back :whistle:

You have your 3 minutes...you can tell whatever you want to our members.
I will wrote something short for all our members :nav_yes: :nav_kiss: :
My Dead-y´Bro: my favourite Leader, with soothing voice. I like your sarcasm that makes me everytime to laugh a lot. It was your personality, which is why I decided to be a member of this clan :yes:
Franzy: with great meaning: My Soulmate! Thnx a lot for being there for me whenever I needed you :angel22:
Dear: I love your way to joking! We understand each other, even if we are fighting sometimes like real enemies. :whip: :LMAO:
I remember when Dead-y heard us once on TS, he was shocked, you remember that? :biggrin2:
my King: like I said it once: You are the funniest and sensitive King that France ever had. Its everytime AWESOME with you on TS. Stay as you are :yes: :yes:
Killer: It is as if I'd known you my whole life, you're very authentic, I like to hear your talking and laughing :hihi:
Wibo: when you are one TS, Froum, Battlefield … its … it´s as if the sun is shining :dope:
Janna: Sweety, you are very, very cool and a funny one (glad to have ya in the clan) :cool2:
Gandalf´s Witch: Beauty, just ROCK ON, BITCH!!! (glad to have ya in the clan) :cool2:
Techno: Nice that you're blossomed – you makes me laughing with tears :nav_yes:
Voskan: What a romatic guy!!!! :yes:
BabyFog: LOL, my BabyFog! I once kidding you on TS. Since then, Im sure you hate me :woohoo: :LMAO:
Demonking: I ask myself all the time, whether you look like Shahrukh Khan!? :huh: :biggrin2:
My sweetest Dolphin: the overripe teenager! You have often made me laugh when I most needed :angel22:
Seaf: funniest moment was when I was talking where Im from and where my parent at … few clannies didn´t understand anything. We needed a loooong time until it was for everyone cleare. You said: Thanks god, we got it now (or something like this) :lol:
Tornado: Didn´t meet one of our clannies that are shyer than you. I was very shy but you top it all :ashamed: :LMAO: :yes:
Glaude: You're the only Nazi (Axs) who likes foreigners (Allies) that I know :nav_yes: :LMAO:
Hyzno: You have the best father-in-law. That´s all what I can say :yes:

If you were to be an animal, which animal would you want to be?
For sure a cow in india :wave:

Imagine that one of your friends or important people is in danger. What would you do to save them?
First I would ask why the hell is this person in danger :110: and what the hell he has done :whip: and than I would save this person with my life :angel22:

Thats it ! :) Now please write something for ending the interview!
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Email: franzy [at] Klm-clan [Dot] com
I was here till 20th of March 2015.
Will never forget and always miss you !
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby Dodgy » 6 years ago

Over-ripe? What's that supposed to mean?? :huh:

;) ;)

Great interview Dana. I can finally say your name now! It's no longer a secret! :woohoo:

:nav_kiss: :nav_kiss:

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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby -SavaGe^ » 6 years ago

Now I know why you always say that KLM are one family , u know every thing about each other :yes: :D
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby demonking » 6 years ago

I've heard that battle scream many times on TS :LMAO:
Of-course Killer has funniest laugh :LMAO: Sometimes I've started laughing after hearing Killer laugh, even though I dont know the reason why he is laughing :LMAO: :LMAO:
No I dont look like Shahrukh Khan :nav_sad: I'm also his fan :vb_smile:
And thats a nice animal you chose.. Cows are worshiped here

Nice interview :femme:
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby Voskanyan » 6 years ago

Thank you Fem and Franzy of course, it is really great interviw, and thank you for kind worlds and funny moments really very interesting to read it :yes: sometimes i dont understand some words but even with it it was very interesting thank you, and you have a nice name, as Dodg say finally we know it :woohoo:
If you were to be an animal, which animal would you want to be?
For sure a cow in india :wave:

hahaha this one was awesome funny :LMAO:
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby techno1029 » 6 years ago

Great interview Femmie :biggrin2: ...I dont remember not replying to peeps on server??? maybe this was before i knew how to do it????? :dope: .....Dana is very rare name in England...I have only ever known 2 Dana's in my life....one was my friends wife and the other was a 70s popstar!!!!...now i know 3 :yes: :yes: :yes:

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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby Gandalfs Bitch » 6 years ago

Ahhhhh, awesome interview dana :D really enjoyed reading it :woohoo: and thank you for the mention, I'm glad I'm in the clan too, especially when we have an awesome queen! :biggrin2: :woohoo: :nav_kiss:
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby Seaf » 6 years ago

its the first interview i read it wholly .. and i enjoyed reading it :nav_yes: :femme:
=K(L)M= Seaf |Pvt
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby Assem » 6 years ago

really nice interview queen and maurer :yes: this clan really have a very nice and good persons :nerd:
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Re: KLM Interview #3 - Femme

Postby whitelightning » 6 years ago

nice interview dana, i also like your name. dana is not a unusual name here, reminds me of lady dana the dj , dont know if you know her,
thanks for your nice remarks i will try to add a rainbow (no homo) to the sun :)

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