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Henri IV
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Re: Hey Guys

Postby Henri IV » 1 week ago

you comunicate all bye tach ,,,leave this clan because you fuck this clan because you have your telegrame chath or something like that ,,leave us.....
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Re: Hey Guys

Postby MikasaAckermann » 1 day ago

Henri, we started only lately using telegram, before this, a year now or so, the telegram was as dead as the forum....

What's important is to keep clan alive, whether it's telegram or facebook or forum....

I'm going to say this : I don't really remember my forum password, it's complicated and written on a piece of paper, if I don't have it or if I'm not in my room, or not using one of my laptops, I can't remember it so I can't connect to forum anytime I want...

when for telegram or whatsapp, there is no password, it's connected to my phone number, so I just open it, no login required.

for logging in from mobile app, I used to do it, and rememer password, but the browser delete everything after few days (I'm not doing anykind of cleaning or anything, it just happens.. not only for klm forum.. even for facebook on chrome) so I gave up...

Thanks to telegram I still keep in touch with clan members, because I didn't use laptop so often because of vacation and other reasons..

I hope I made everything clear about myself.

Sorry for being inactive this long... but it was not a choice I made.

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